Investment Strategies

Our investment experts will construct a portfolio to help you retain and grow your wealth, so you can sit back, relax and concentrate on the more important things in life with peace of mind.

An investment management service from the professionals

We offer our clients a number of investment portfolios determined by different risk levels suited to their individual circumstances and personal objectives. We track their performance against the ARC Private Client Indices, which are a commonly used industry benchmark compiled by an independent third party to maintain a high level oversight. We also regularly review and evaluate our products to ensure that we continue to offer both suitable and effective solutions to our clients.

We focus on risk as much as return when it comes to managing your investments. When constructing portfolios, the risk measures we consider are expected volatility of returns (using standard deviation) and maximum drawdown for each strategy. Managing within a disciplined framework ensures optimal risk-adjusted returns that are consistent with your expectations.

We offer six different investment profiles for our clients:


Our performance speaks for itself when it comes to our investment strategies. You can review our performance below.